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love is madness (paris)

compensation: TBD

Are you bored, sexually frustrated and reading those posts for "entertainment purpose only".
You are just curious to see "what is out there" ? Surrre you are.
Aren't you a bit tempted to reply to an ad that not only appeals to your desire and need but is actually written in comprehensive English ?
And it does help if the male author appears to have an IQ higher than his body temperature ?
Women are smart and not as trusting as men - especially concerning sex and therefore require considerable mental stimulation.

The female I am aiming to appeal to is reading this site seemingly for the innocent reason listed above but while mentally and physically overwhelmed with her very real needs and desires.
She can't help but more than casually consider replying to the 1st ad that appeals to her in a non threatening, physically satisfying, mentally stimulating way and then she arrives - at my post, smiles, squirms in her seat a little, runs her finger across her nipple... and wonders "Should I ?"
But she's not completely convinced yet. She is not ready to just jump into bed with the 1st guy who "appears" to be Heaven-sent.

Chemistry is the formula that produces the most mind-blowing orgasms.
Sound tempting enough to consider ? If you have read this far, it likely is, sooo send me a message and we can begin to get to know each other.

Can't beat that.
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