If you are a midsomething woman (paris)

compensation: TBD

Are you a woman who is mid something, perhaps mid 20 or 30's or mid 40's ?
How is your life in the sack going ? Could you do with a little more excitement ?
So here's the thing:
I could also do with a little more uncomplicated fun. So I was thinking "why don't I reach out to someone else who might also want a little more uncomplicated fun ?"
It's important that you understand that I'm not looking to change my current situation, so discretion is assured and a must if needed :-)
You are here looking for some excitement or may be you're just curious ? Whatever the reason why not reach out to me ?
So what am I really looking for ?
I would like to meet a woman who is average, unsuspecting, the girl next door. I'm not too worried about your age or your marital status. The only thing that you need to be is fun, be open minded, love something different, want to be different. This can be a one off or something a little more regular if we click :-)

What are you getting?
I'm mid 40's, experienced. You are not my first and probably won't be my last. I'm like the guy next door. The good looking guy that you wish you knew better. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes and I'm sort of Italian looking. I'm 6 feet. I don't mind telling you that I'm not a bad looking guy :-)
So look, if any of this grabs your interest then give me a shout.
I would be really grateful if you include photo.
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