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€50 Eiffel Tower Photography Special (rue du Cherche Midi)


tuesday 2019-11-19

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Extraordinary Tour Eiffel photo shooting flat.

The photos attached were shot from the window of the flat using a Canon SLR, and an iPhone 5se through a Swarovski** spotting scope (the closeup of the E.T. elevators, and yes that's a jet plane intersecting the Tower about 2/3rds up - this flat is also great for spotting big planes on their final approach to Roissy CDG).

This is a unique opportunity to stay in a flat with one of the best Eiffel Tower views in all of Paris.

This is not an exaggeration : this small but luxurious flat (all the amenities, including high speed wifi), is located not far from Gerard Depardieu’s villa in the RDCM. It is in a very tall building, and located about 2200 meters from the Eiffel Tower.

From the windows, over 90% of the Tour Eiffel is visible : you would need a helicopter to otherwise get that kind of a view from the Left Bank (unless you were on top of the Tour Montparnasse).

This is an extremely rare opportunity for a person serious about Tour Eiffel photography to bolster their portfolio with shots from an exceptional viewing platform. You will see that the Eiffel Tower is a very dynamic structure : the light is constantly changing on the Tower and her environs ; there are no two sunsets that look the same - even a little. The Tower blinks every hour on the hour for five minutes until 1a.m., at which time it is switched off. But even in the dark of night one can get superb shots of Eiffel's Gray Lady (Paris is very dark after 1am, and in this neighborhood, remarkably quiet).

I have a new Swarovski 80mm spotting scope** with adapters for iPhones 5se and 7 - there is a possibility that I would leave this scope, on its tripod, for the right person (it allows you to see the faces of the people on the four elevators that shuttle from the second floor of the ET to the summit).

This flat is in a very bourgeois building, and therefore we need someone extremely discrete, and serious.

We're going to do this place at fifty euros per night, one week minimum. So 350 per week.

I know.

You're welcome.
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