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Looking for a kindred (female) soul

I am a mature (not old), well-built American man living in Paris with a woman with whom I have lived for 10 years. We get along well, and there are no real problems (except at times, a bit of boredom). I am sending a message to all of you women in Paris (particularly 40 years old and higher) who may be in a similar situation: long time domestic partner (possibly married) without any overt problems but simply looking for a little "extra". Things such as: clandestine romantic lunches (or dinners if possible), walks through one of Paris' many beautiful parks, conversations that have depth and substance and humor, and of course, lots of physical affection.
If you feel you may be a possible kindred soul in regard to some of these issues, drop me a line. We do not need to go through the long process of picture exchanges but perhaps a short account of your current situation and description of yourself, would be magnificent!
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