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Bonjour à toutes et tous

French teacher/tutor (Native (male) French speaker born and raised in Paris) offers lessons and conversations in French via Skype.
Maybe you want to learn the basics of French or maybe you're a more advanced learner and want to practice French at higher level, either way just call me and let's get started.
We'll dive right into it and start off speaking real French (not the textbook thing that is not helpful) but real French just as it's being spoken right now in Paris.
I do not do theory that much, instead I aim my lessons and sessions towards getting you to understand and speak French using a number of fun and interesting games, activities and exercices, and after a while your progress might come as a surprise to you !

Feel free to call me anytime to get more information or even schedule your first session with me for 10 euros/hour through skype.
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