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I am an experienced English tutor who gives private lessons in Paris.

The aim of the courses is to enable the student to master grammar and vocabulary in order to be able to understand English with ease and to express him- or herself spontaneously and with confidence. New concepts are introduced at the right time and are put to use alongside the materials already mastered in order to reinforce comprehension and confidence.

I rely on exercises, reading and narrative games, and I adapt the lessons to the student's level and skills. My approach to teaching is based on my linguistic and literary studies and is informed by my own experience as a translator and language learner. I tailor my courses for each student so as to assure his/her mastery of English grammar and usage. I identify areas of difficulty for the student and offer in-depth explanations and examples to dispel confusion once and for all. I also offer tailored homework assignments if desired.


I have been giving private lessons in Paris for a year and a half.

I have worked as a language assistant in French primary schools and as a translator/proofreader.

I studied linguistics at the Sorbonne and literature and languages at Bard College (New York).

I completed a TEFL certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) at St. John's University (New York).

If interested, please contact me by email.
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