Become Fluent in French in 30 days (Paris - Latin Quarter)

Would you gladly pay 1000 euros if you could get fluent in French in a month?

Thanks to a unique method which I developed while I was teaching in Sweden 50 years ago, and which I have polished and refined over the years, you can learn to speak fluent French in a month or even less. Even if you start out without a word of French you will emerge from this one-month course able to say anything you wish in French and capable of understanding most of what you hear.

With traditional teaching methods, it takes 200 hours of class work to get fluent in a language, plus 200 hours of practice or homework. This method is so efficient that 35 hours of class work and 35 hours of practice/homework are sufficient for fluency.

The method involves the interactive study of five great French movies, examining and repeating the entire dialog on the sound track, line by line... with the guidance of a talented, experienced coach at your side every moment to assist. It's fun, painless, and fast. The movies we study and mimic are all brilliant cinema masterpieces, which convert the study of French from boring to joyful.

Total tuition for the fluency course is just 1,000 euros, payable in five payments.

If you just wish to touch up your French with just one film, seven sessions, tuition is 200 euros.

Phone me any time after 11 a.m. for further information on the method.

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