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compensation: 5 USD / conversation (1 conversation = maximum 25 mins + feedback)
type d'emploi: Contrat
télétravail autorisé

# Job description
We are finding for somebody who participate in our business demonstration and exactly Japanese conversations via our web video chat service "Sail". The demonstration is made for companies to implement our service and some important people will be there. You need to talk with one of us or anyone from the client companies in Japanese language and let them see how users can have the conversation through our service.

# Criteria
- Ones who can speak Japanese at least N3 or greater (*1)
- Ones who understand our project concept written at the below and can talk something related to it
- Ones who are with enough internet speed and stability and can check the status by himsself / herself (*2)
*1 - We will make a speaking test once before the job
*2 - We will provide a check function

# About our project
"Sail" is a new type of communication opportunity between different generations in the world. With the difference of age, elders can be attracted by young power and feel something to contribute for the generation, and youngers can learn many sophisticated ideas and ways of thinking from elders - it's more than language learning ! Currnetly we just focus on Japanese language and have elderly users in Japan and young users who learn Japanese in any countries. Many powerful and knowledgeable elders have joined to enjoy talking and help young people's speaking practise by everyday life conversations, and also many challenging and supportive Japanese learners have joined for their successful future.

# About our company
We are a 4-year venture company and runs a new type of international social business. We would like people to feel something by knowing new and getting out from the comfort zone for better ideas.

NOTE: the video chat depends on your internet condition and how you can speak, so we need to confirm your internet connection and your Japanese speaking level after you send your application, and the actual conversation will be once your internet connection and your language skills pass. You need to install Sail APP on your smartphone and register your account and tell us your registered email address.

報酬:5 USD / conversation (1 conversation = maximum 25 mins + feedback)
  • Intéressés seulement. Recruteurs, veuillez ne pas contacter ce demandeur d'emploi.
  • ne PAS nous contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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