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PARIS Handyman
and Painting Services
If you are in need of a quality handyman, then call The paris Handyman today. PARIS Handyman is able to perform a wide variety of services. Painting and paris Handyman.

All work is guaranteed and with almost 25 years of experience, you know the job will be done right.

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º Fix shelves, cupboards
º Installation of curtain rod
º Installation of wall shelf
º Table or frame fixing
º Laying a wall-mounted TV stand
º Replace a door handle
º Fix a blind
º Hang a painting
º Planing a door that scrapes
º Move a piece of furniture
º Store a cellar
º Place a curtain rod, a blind
º Place a frame or a mirror
º Butcher holes or cracks
º Repair a leak
º Change a seal
º Bleed a radiator
º Unclog a sink or sink
º Replace a faucet
º Connect a washing machine
º Connect a dishwasher
º Redo a silicone seal
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