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compensation: 500 to 1000 euros / mission
type d'emploi: choix de l'employé

WANTED “Shoppers” for luxury stores in Paris (and some other cities)

I’m looking for motivated people for OCCASIONAL missions in luxury boutiques.
This mission consists of
(I) taking an appointment with a sale associate in the targeted store
(II) going to the appointment and pretending to be real client interested in some of their exclusive items
(III) buying these items

Selection criteria :

This is not an easy mission, but it’s worth a try if you fulfil the criteria ! The more credible you are, the easier it gets ! What makes you a credible shopper ? You should be able to act, speak and look like real clients who are used to buying these kind of stuffs.

- Men / Women
- You must be able to speak either English OR French. A good knowledge of other languages are appreciated, namely Spanish, Russian, Chinese…
- You have a good attitude
- You are confident
- You have a good sense of fashion
- You have WhatsApp in your smartphone ! It’s important because I will send you some guidebooks before I invite you for the interview in my office in the 8th arrondissement.

Where ? Mostly in Paris (there are 3 stores) but also in some other cities like Lyon, Lille, Marseille, Geneva, Amsterdam…

What would you get ? You will receive a commission from €500 to €1000 every time you succeed. Standard commission for ordinary bags is €500, the commission may increase depending on the bag you obtain (example, Kelly Pochette Alligator would be €2000 etc).

// Easier missions are also available, you’ll also receive therefore smaller commission (from €50 to €300) //

If you’re interested or have any question :

SEND ME A MESSAGE AND TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOU ! PLEASE ATTACH YOUR PHOTOS AS WELL // physical appearance is not an absolute criteria, or a main key to successful mission, but having a decent look is preferred :-) //

LEAVE ME YOUR NUMBER, IF your profile suits the job, I’ll send you the guidebook through Whatsapp and invite you to my office.

Follow me as well on Instagram : hhunter_paris / herzogrich
  • Intéressés seulement. Recruteurs, veuillez ne pas contacter ce demandeur d'emploi.
  • ne PAS nous contacter pour des services ou offres non requises
  • Ce poste peut être indiqué comme accessible aux personnes handicapées

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