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Paris is wonderful to visit but can easily grind your mind once you become a Parisian.

After 15 years in Los Angeles, I noticed that the Paris of my childhood is now different coming short to meet standards we all expect from the most visited city in the world.

This can be so confusing that stress keeps building up and you cannot track your real priorities anymore.
We know success comes from right choices with a realistic timetable.
Paris is dense like ten towns in one spot! Charming but...once you start feeling the squeeze and can't see clearly, your life can come to a halt, before you'd even notice you find yourself surviving instead of living, losing strength, incapable of shifting gears.

I offer one hour consultation to troubleshoot what is slowing you down or stopping you and show you how to reset in all aspects.
40 euros (phone or facebook call consultation payment via paypal with your credit card)
Getting the right coaching can save you time, money, etc...
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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