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DAUM PATE DE VERRE SCULPTURE "PHILEMON ET BAUCIS” by Huguette de REY - €1748 (Sarasota, Florida)


conditions: comme neuf
fabrication/fabricant: Daum
nom/référence du modèle: Philemon et Baucis

DAUM GLASS France, PATE DE VERRE SCULPTURE "PHILEMON ET BAUCIS. French Title is "Embracing Couple" Pate de verre dates back to the ancient Egyptians, but it really came into its own about a century ago when it was revived by a group of French artists who gave this warm glass technique its current name. Huguette de rey was born in Algiers, studied in the Sorbonne. Received numerous awards and prizes for her outstanding works of art. Limited edition of 200, this piece is number 72. The statue is 10"H , gallery condition. no nicks, no chips, no repairs. The bottom is covered with felt to prevent from scratching. Included with piece is letter from Daum confirming production of piece, Daum letter of identification of piece, signed letter by artist/sculptor on Daum letterhead for model submission, Color of glass " Mauve Rose ". Subject to your purchase by PayPal will supply letter of inspection and authentication from local quality gallery. Will ship insured with costs of same paid by purchaser.
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Id publi: 7011040531


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