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French Freycinet (barge) boat - €325000 (Paris)


année de fabrication: 1930
conditions: bon
longueur hors tout (LHT): 31
nom/référence du modèle: Freycinet
type propulsion : moteur

plus d’annonc de l'utilis.

This french Freycinet was former commercial boat still active when owners have decided to purchase it in the 70s. Now, it enjoys the " Boat of Heritage Interest " label. With an area of 180 m2, it sails independently.

It’s in the 30s that it was built (barge). It has always elements specific to hauling boats. In 1950, it has been motorized.

This is the story of all their family and many trips. The owners are very attached to it. They made the choice to separate in order to settle permanently in their residence but this decision was not at all obvious to take.

Family story : Initially, 4 years were needed for the couple to develop their current home (wheelhouse, workshop, creation of a coachroof, etc.). The current engine is a 3-cylinder engine replacing the old (2-cylinder). There are portholes, hatches, and :

Living room of 35 m2 with wood stove and heating (fuel oil) ;
Dining room and kitchen of 20 m2 ;
Office and 3 Bedrooms (6 sleeps) ;
Workshop of about 30 m2, Laundry & Storage ;
Bathroom (x2) and WC (x2).

The various maintenance operations were carried out regularly. The latest : 2015. Administrative documentation : the boat has the navigation title : the Community certificate (valid for a few more years).

Ideas for redesign ? Ideas are not lacking ... The boat attracted the interest of foreign investors a few years ago. Please notice that in the context of a boat purchase, notary fees do not apply. Moreover, many people do not know it but the mortgage of a ship is quite feasible for a estate loan.

It should be noticed that if you wish to acquire it in order to develop a commercial activity in France (in any case in which you are promoting it), a certain number of steps will have to be envisaged with the national maritim agency (VNF)...

This offer is intended for anyone wishing to buy a boat. But, it is also intended to:

Territorial communities ;
Europe ;
Asia ;

The owners are ready to dedicate time to you for a "training" to take it in hand and navigate quitely ... The couple is passionate, very friendly and open to discussion.

The ship is located 40 min near Paris in a protected area. The “ Temporary Occupation Agreement ” will of course be renewed for the current location. There is water supply, electricity and telephony.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further informations ! The final selling price can be negotiated.
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