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Perfect English on Your Business WEBSITE (Paris)

I am a writer, editor and copy editor from New York and London who sees poor translations of French websites every day. Because France is a culture that values language, elegant speech and writing, I am surprised that this is so and have concluded that the bosses are not aware of how their sites look to educated Anglophones. Sometimes I am even told that a native English speaker has written their site's English-version. But sadly, that doesn't guarantee he or she has done a truly fine job because there are plenty of native English speakers who do NOT write well!

Most educated people and lovers of language everywhere are aware that there has been a degeneration of the way people speak and write English over the past several years. This may be because it is the international language and people use it on all levels. But I am someone who finds the sloppiness and sometimes utterly nonsensical mistakes that get into print truly misleading, incomprehensible, and sometimes even offensive.

So - yes - I'm on a mission here. I appreciate that language is organic, and it changes all the time - BUT there is such a thing as making no sense and simply being WRONG -- about spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. There is also such a thing as not having "a voice of your own", meaning: your writing has no style or personality.

You can read about my work on the website below, then email me to tell me when to call.

We chat for a few minutes about the process so you can decide if it works for you.

What I can do for your business:

* Read-through your site for errors
* If there are errors, correct them
* New text if needed
* Discuss and 'tweak' your style if necessary
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