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Nice Animation feature script for 2D or 3D.

Hi dears.
This is an animation script, it has been prepared and very well done for the last 3 years, include SCRIPT, ANIMATION TECHNICAL SCRIPT for a long feature animation.
I have built this script with a beautiful story, a new characters, ambient, different style, a sweet love story, about love and hate, about conspiracy of love between the two lands for 3000 yrs. ago in Southeast Asia.
I wish to build it up by a classical 2 D traditional animation.
But I'm only an 2 D animation Director, art director, animator for about 35 yrs experience of works and I do not had a strong finance to support it.
I need your helps as INVESTOR, ANIMATION PRODUCER or ANY ANIMATION STUDIO, ANYONE who loves traditional Animation in this world and want to invest due to build this script up as a beautiful 2 D tradition animation feature.
- Some illustrations of the Script .
Please contact with your professional info, phone, e mail.
  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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