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Do you want to get away from the pollution of Paris? to start a new life in the countryside with trees and rivers and forest? Maybe Bordeaux? Or somewhere in the sunny south? A vegan organic life? Zen? Spiritual? (non religious but Spiritual).

I’m a 49 yr old man, fed up with this polluted city and I would like to meet a woman to live with, it doesn’t have to be a relationship, just friends is fine too. I’ve been single by choice for ten years and it works for me (I do like it) but company is nice too as long as it’s not overbearing ;-)

I’ve travelled a lot and now I just long for silence, a simple life with nature away from the roar of this very polluted city. Fresh air, maybe some organic farming, off grid if possible with solar energy.

If this is also something you are looking for then say hello.


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