CONFESSION BOOTH most embarrassing moment ? (Season 1 Episode 2)

Welcome to a brand new series called CONFESSION BOOTH
Season 1 episode 2!

Let’s have some big girls and boys fun.
..And be honest.

Once a week (every Wednesday.) I will be opening a confession booth each a different topic.
You will be able to send your confessions in anonymously. No matter how lightweight or dark the information is.. it’s about time to share.
If this first season of 7 episodes turns out to be successful, I will make a YouTube channel just for us. I will collect and read out the anonymous notes and give my live reaction.
(In your confession please don’t attach your personal information or face photos or adresses. However, Photos of body parts or photos to help discribe your answer is allowed.)
Also, just to be fear I will always attach my own confession to suit every topic below.

Since last week was a huge success let’s start the second week with this juicy topic:
Most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you or your partner before , after or during sex?

With a new topic season 1 episode 3 will be posted here on Wednesday 21st of August. Alarm your phones people !
(If any confession booth is open before that, please don’t respond. It might be someone trying to steal our idea.)
(Please note that I do not reply to any emails this is a confession booth and everyone should remain anonymous.)

My Confession :
I was dating this guy for a little while when we finally both agreed to do the dirty. We wanted to plan a romantic getaway as we both were in need of a mini holiday weekend.
ALTHOUGH I offered to plan it my self, his ego got the best of him and he wanted to show off and wanted to not only book the hotel but also plan all the activities around it.
I gave him some planning tips here and there like (not booking too many activities as it’s only a weekend and I much rather spend time with him in bed than out with a group of people. Also tired to help with the hotel idea by suggesting a really nice Airbnb instead. But he didn’t want to listen and wanted to suprice me.

Ok Fine surprise me.

He came to pick me up on a motobike... so I had to hold my heavy ass weekend bag in my hand and his on my back for what felt like a 3 hour ride. (I was pissed but did not say anything.)
To make a long story short, we ended up in a creepy motel in the middle of no fucking where (the pictures on thier website was fake.) As soon as we walked in we had two men taking hard core drugs greet us, and a oversized almost unclothed woman shout at us in her own language. (I don’t think she knew we were clients at first.)
Unfortunately we had to take the room as the ride was long and we were both just supper stressed and exhausted. (Plus It was late.)

We walked in the room ... the bed was not made, there were a bit of clothes in the closet, and the toilet was obviously recently used.
There were other people shouting /watching tv in the next room and someone cooking nasty smelling food in the other.
We knew this was going to be a rough night.
(I usually find situations like this very funny and try making a joke about it but this time I was 100% pissed.)
I was so angry especially as I thought he just booked the cheapest hotel when I offered to help. Money is not a problem for him and neither is it for me... so why the fuck would he book this place!! plus he came to pick me up with a bloody bike! Really? We have luggages dumass ! (I shouted at him for his VERY poor planning skills and he apologized and just sat there in shock with our current situation.) come to find out this dum dum paid over 900 for two nights plus internet and room service and access to the pool.
There was no pool or internet and I didn’t even want to know if they had room service.

We had to figure out a way to “sleep”. I removed the nasty infested mattress on the bed and used our clothes as a sheet /mattress on the wooden boards that made up the bed fram.
At this point I felt bad for him as he stayed quiet out of embarrassment the entire time.
We were now both on wooden boards with different noises all around us , we were hungry, angry, disappointed and lost 900 euros.
This was supposed to be a dreamy romantic getaway.

With nothing to do for the next 8 hours (no way I would allow myself to be unconscious in this place.) we fucked (with our clothes on.) and surprisingly this was the best sex of my life.
(He wanted to show me how sorry he was I guess.)

The next day he was still embarrassed of the situation when he explained to the people that we will be living early (we did not get a refund.)
and after that we never really spoke again.
I don’t really regret anything. It was not my money he waisted and I got the best sex of my life. It’s just sad we had to do it in this horrific place.

Your turn!
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